Detroit Spice Company (DSC) is a specialty food product line consisting of six spice blends and three hot sauces.  Our products are available at www.detroitspicecompany.com and at specialty food retailers and grocery stores throughout Michigan.  Detroit Spice Company produces Detroit Steak Seasoning, Detroit Jerk Seasoning, Detroit Barbecue Rub, Detroit Greektown Seasoning, Detroit Mexicantown Seasoning and Detroit Middle Eastern Seasoning.  All six spice blends come in our signature metal “tins” and each features a custom graphic of Detroit classic cars with meat grilling on the engine!  Our hot sauce is called Detroit Super Premium.  It comes in three varieties; 92 Octane (cayenne), 97 Octane (jalapeno) and Racing Fuel (habanero).  The products are sold via our website, www.detroitspicecompany.com, and wholesale by emailing detroitspiceco@gmail.com.

Detroit Spice Co was founded in Detroit in 2000 by urban planner and foodie Randall Fogelman, while he was working at the Rafal Spice Co. on Saturdays, in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market.  It was officially launched in July of 2000 at the Comerica TasteFest’s Second Avenue Street Market, a collection of Detroit-centric gifts and specialty crafts, to a great reception.  Unfortunately, Rafal Spice Company, a longtime staple of the Eastern Market, closed on December 9th of 2008.  Detroit Spice Co. products are still available and we continue to thrive today.

Detroit Spice Company specializes in spice blends and hot sauces and currently does not sell “raw” spices like basil, oregano, black pepper, etc.  Detroit Spice Company handcrafts each signature blend to capture the essence of the Detroit ethnic and cultural community and takes pride in the attention to detail down to the unique packaging of our signature spice blends and hot sauces.  In addition Detroit Spice Company is known for their attractive gift packs that make a great home-warming present, holiday or birthday gift or a great way to remind someone that has moved away how great Detroit “tastes!”